Avaliable Investment Projects:

Investments in Construction in Thailand.



The Eleven Stages of Investing:

Step 1:


Open a Thai Company in which you or your representative will serve as its director with full signatory rights to sign all Thai company documents, and hold controlling shares of the company.



Step 2:


Arrange a transfer of planned investment funds that you may hold abroad into the Thai Company, and in the form of a loan advanced to the Thai Company by you - as a foreign company or private person as the lender, (advancing the loan as a private person is preferred).




Step 3:


All documentary and contractual needs of your investment, and required to ensure the security of your investment, may be provided by our legal partner in Phuket – a German law firm ILO  which has continually operated in Thailand for over 20 years, and has provided top quality legal services for large western companies .


Another purpose of proper and thorough preparation is to provide an easy return of your monetary capital back to your home country, or to allow you to transfer of it to any other country in the world at the end of your investment.

Step 4:


Moving forward you are safe because the Thai Company you opened (where you are a Shareholder and a Director) is responsible for the repayment of the loan advanced by you to the Thai company from abroad. Under the conditions of the loan agreement it should be stated that in case of the need for immediate repayment of the loan, funds can be transferred by the Thai company to your account anywhere in the world.

Step 5:


Investment Project - Planning and Conception.


Determine the Budget and Type of the Project in which you wish to invest.


For example: apartments / condominiums, hotels, commercial and office spaces, entertainment and amusement parks (priority direction), etc.


Based on your budget and type of investment to be made, a suitable land plot should be selected for the project that will meet all standards and requirements of your investment. After locating suitable project land, you will need to engage qualified professionals to perform needed land due diligence and to determine construction potential and requirements before proceeding further. This should be completed at an early stage of conceptual design.

Step 6:


Purchase of selected land plot for your Thai Company/Project.


Step 7:


Development of the Project’s designs and plans (blueprints, etc.) This will take approximately 1-2 months.


Step 8:


Submission for approval of the Project for licenses, and permits etc. such as the EAI / IEE (Environmental Impact Assessment) report in Bangkok. This takes about five months time.


After verification by a commission group that consists of environmentalists, power networks, the local municipality, and other state authorities, a finding may be made including some issues that need to be resolved before commencing (usually it is mere formality) After that your Project is safe to proceed as it is has been approved by the relevant governmental authorities.

Step 9:


Obtain a Building Permit. It takes 1 - 7 working days. After that it is legal to begin construction.


The procuring of all approvals and related documentation is a part of our services provided to you, and which usually presents no problems.


Step 10:


At this stage, and after all the prior steps have been completed, an additional investors’ agreement should be made (which is part of the main contract). This additional agreement should provide details about number of units or total area of units (in sq. meters.) to be constructed, and with a fixed price for each that may ultimately be transferred to the investor. (In the case where an investor loans funds to a Thai Company, it is preferable that he be repaid in ‘units’ constructed rather than in hard currency).


The term “fixed price” is used to mean the price which, depending on the type of selected project and location (should be compared with similar projects), will be at least 25-30% lower than the market price being offered to the public.

Step 11:


On the Project completion the Investor has two options:


  • Continue to hold his investment in the form of real estate, and manage the rental himself or through a management company. This option brings provides a permanent monthly income stream.




  • Sell the units at market price and recoup all invested funds plus a positive retrun, and thereby make a nice profit on your investment.


All our construction works include the procuring of needed construction permits, all governmental approvals, documentation, the processing of building certifications by public authorities. In addition, our company may also receive and hold in our custody property title deeds to land owned by, and issued to, your Thai company. We can organise it for you. 


This section of our website just partly explains about one possible way to invest in the construction business in Thailand. Of course, it's not a fully detailed guide. For each individual case, our legal partners from the law firm “ILO” can assist in developing a clear business plan of investment to minimize the risk of the investor, and taking into account the type and amount of the investment.


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